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Chronologically speaking, Friday is the best day to catch up on any stories you missed this week. 

  • Via WSJ: Global ad spending will reach pre-recession levels this year, according to media buyer GroupM. So that’s good news.
  • Paddy Johnson at ArtNet continued A Brief History of Animated GIF Art. Part 1 (1997–2008) here.
  • 3D printing peaked when MarkerBot announced new patterns for Sesame Street characters. 
  • This thing called teletext, which we know every Tumblr user has heard of, is back as an art form
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Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do. By Marcus Tullius Cicero (via quotes-shape-us)

Zillow + Trulia = ZOOLIA! Where Everyone is a Zoo Keeper Without Keys

Something we all share in common is how at one time or another we have been or will be a “layperson.” Other than the strict religious meaning, a layperson is considered to be a person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject. Specialized knowledge is the “elephant key” of local area, neighborhood #RealEstate and REALTORS® are the professionals who possess this invaluable tool. With the recent merger of powerhouses Zillow and Trulia, there is considerable debate as to the effect the combo will have on the real estate industry and its customers. The one, resounding consensus seems to be that real estate agents and brokers aren’t going away any time soon. A large part of this is not wishful thinking on the part of those of us in the profession but due to the tangible and intangible keys to human relationships, specialized knowledge and acquired skill-sets. These all continue to require the expert guidance of human hands and learned foresight of the human mind to be effective, rewarding and safe during even the smoothest of real estate transactions.

As a REALTOR®, when I take my car to the mechanic for repairs, I’m a layperson about auto repairs. But when the auto mechanic needs to buy a home, the positions of “expert” and “layperson” reverse. The mechanic becomes the layperson because the issue at hand is regarding real estate, not auto repairs. This is not to say that I know nothing about automobiles or that the mechanic knows nothing about real estate. The safest, most reliable and often times “insured” or “guaranteed” choice is that it is best for the REALTOR® to handle the real property transaction, and the mechanic to handle the real repairs to the brakes!

With the volume of information available to all of us, couldn’t we just do a Google search and move from layperson to competent in fixing our own brakes? Well, sure we can. Whether to save money or prove to our ego (or spouse) that we are capable but then how safe would we feel? You got it, not nearly as safe as when a trained and certified professional completes the service. The same thing applies to real estate. There is a ton of information available to all of us about real estate 24/7. But do you really want to tackle something so complex that no amount of online research or study is likely to result in you gaining the tools and knowledge necessary to become the professional needed to complete the task safely, thoroughly and for the longest term benefit to yourself and your family?
Buying or selling real estate is one of the many times when going at it without a professional can have disastrous long term consequences. Not to mention, homes sold without a REALTOR®  sell for an average 20% UNDER market value nationwide versus those homes sold with a REALTOR®. This sales data puts the “standard” 6% real estate salesperson commission into perspective and speaks to the true monetary value our professional services typically provide to the client. So if you get the urge to go down that road of handling your own real estate transaction in the future, you might want to consider “hitting the brakes,” and call a professional REALTOR®. Although there are keys on every keyboard and mobile device which can program a sequence of events to unlock and locate many answers, the most valuable keys continue to need a human touch in order to be turned and keen human insight in order to open the doors of opportunity to your #DreamHome and financial success.

— William Curry, August 5, 2014, Access Real Estate - 1321 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 9070 (650) 632-1800



To Be Relevant or Not to Be Relevant, That is the Question!

Being a Silicon Valley #Realtor and Bay Area #RealEstate specialist over the better part of three decades, my days and weeks are filled with taking one, precision step after another to exceed client expectations, get a transaction completed, and facilitate an escrow through to closing. These processes demand taking actions that move them forward in a productive and efficient manner while distractions, including business opportunities, and family commitments are coming at you from all angles. A key component to this dynamic and staying sane, yet alone productive, is keeping one’s actions relevant to an immediate objective and treating contractual deadlines as the “sacred cows” that they are.

Essentially, if any item, be it an action, a step or a request is not relevant to the task at hand and its approaching deadline, it becomes less relevant. This doesn’t mean the item was not important. It also doesn’t mean an item will not become increasingly important at some time in the near future. The point is, we can only be in one moment at a time and recent multi-tasking studies have shown a decrease in both accuracy and level of performance when attempting several tasks at once. As such, anything that we cannot bring to fruition with the current task at hand, can be left “out of focus” and does not require our attention until the more relevant task is completed.

Once a task or contractual hoop is jumped through, the next relevant step usually presents itself and becomes your next priority. This often includes another clear task in need of completion. In terms of setting priorities, often as a way of taking the next relevant step, we can ask ourselves, “Is this action I’m about to take relevant to the task at hand?”. If the answer is “yes,” we proceed with excellence. If the answer is “no,” we disregard with temperance and move on to an item of greater relevancy with a nearer deadline. "To every thing there is a season."

— William Curry, July 29, 2014, Access Real Estate - 1321 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 9070 (650) 632-1800